Automotive battery testing and replacement

Your modern vehicle depends on electricity for a number of things. Your car battery powers your headlights, your radio, and everything in between.

If you believe you have a bad battery, bad cables, or otherwise, book an appointment today with our specialists to see where your issues lie.

Additionally, dead or dying car batteries can present with all manner of odd, seemingly unrelated symptoms. Our trained team of automotive technicians can help you find the source of your electrical system’s problems.

With computer controls dominating the modern vehicle’s systems, a well functioning battery is a vital component in your car’s overall health. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Issues that may indicate battery problems:

  • Your car doesn’t crank (turn over) or cranks slowly in the mornings
  • Your headlights and/or dash lights dim when stopped at a light
  • Your Ammeter or voltmeter is showing too high or too low in the dashboard
  • Your turn signal blinks (flashes) slower than usual
  • You hear a whining noise coming from the front of the engine