Transmission Repair Halifax

Automatic and Manual Transmission Repair and Servicing

Cottman Transmission Halifax services and repairs transmissions of all types. There are numerous factors that can affect the health of your vehicle’s transmission and we work hard to identify and fix your problems quickly.

How do I know if I need transmission servicing?

Any of the symptoms described below could indicate a transmission that requires professional servicing and/or repair. Please bring us your vehicle if you’re experiencing any of the following:

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is on, it is vital that you have the diagnostics run immediately to check the severity of the issue. Modern vehicles have computers that can monitor all of the systems and the light will turn on when it detects a problem. These can be issues with the transmission, fuel system, or exhaust. We can run full diagnostics on a Check Engine light and inform you of any and all work necessary to fix your vehicle’s issues.

Leaking Fluids

Determining the source of the leak is crucial as it may inform different types of repairs are necessary. A transmission, for example, has fluid that must be kept at proper levels to ensure it functions as intended. Leaks may be minor, but they may be indicative of a larger mechanical issue and it’s important for a qualified professional mechanic to seek out the source and inform you of your options. Our technicians are happy to track down your leak and find the source of your issues.

Vehicle Won’t Move

Vehicles that won’t move should be towed to our shop for an investigation. We will check your vehicle’s fluid levels, investigate all linkages and cables are connected properly, and look over the electronics. At that point, a Cottman Halifax professional will advise you of what servicing and/or repairs may be required to get your vehicle moving again. If your vehicle won’t move or you’re afraid to drive it, call us today to discuss your options for getting your vehicle to our shop.

Slipping Gears

Whether you put your manual transmission into a specific gear or you put your automatic transmission into Drive or Reverse, your vehicle should shift cleanly into the gear. If you feel the engine rev up quickly or if the transmission seems to have lagged behind before the gears catch, you should have your vehicle looked at by a qualified Cottman Halifax professional. We can diagnose your transmission slipping issues which may include low fluid levels, a poor vacuum, or a shift cable that has become defective or poorly adjusted.

Erratic Shifting

Modern vehicle transmissions have many more moving parts and electronics than their ancestors. A Cottman Halifax professional will thoroughly diagnose your transmission if it is shifting erratically and will provide you with a plan to service and/or repair the transmission to eliminate shifting issues and restore the health of your vehicle. Low fluid levels, shifting cable adjustments or replacements, and transmission computer electronics are just a few potential areas that should be checked by a qualified mechanic and our team at Cottman Halifax have years of transmission experience to help get you back on the road.

Transmission Rebuilds

Sometimes, a transmission issue has gone on for so long or was so serious in the beginning that irreparable damage has been done. In cases like this, it’s possible that a transmission rebuild is necessary and, if so, you’ll want our professional transmission specialists to do that work for you. We know transmissions inside and out (literally).

We know the systems that control them. We don’t recommend replacing or rebuilding a transmission until we’ve explored all of other possibilities. With Cottman Transmission Halifax, you won’t pay for a new transmission unless you need it – contact us today if you’re experiencing transmission issues.

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